Our own mobile Food Trailer 

BB Cafe Grill and Espresso


      We are excited to host the 'modern street version' of the Blueberry Cafe in the form of a mobile food trailer, called the "BB Cafe Grill and Espresso", on the same property where the original, beloved Blueberry Cafe began and, sadly, was closed by the County in 2000.  We have been working on perfecting our menu for 2018 to provide you with delicious and unique entree's and espresso.  We will be offering espresso drinks, blended strawberry or blueberry lemonade, deli bagel sandwiches before or after you stop for berries or u-pick.  We have our outdoor seating area completed for you to enjoy your meal.

Sunnyview Blueberry Farm

5233 Sunnyview Rd NE, Salem


​Featuring Fresh Hand Picked Blueberries

     On the property formerly known as the Blueberry Cafe, a well-known breakfast establishment owned by the Iversons, the new owners, Lee Haber and Ginger Murphy-Haber, have worked very hard to bring this well-known iconic blueberry farm back to it's former glory. As a family-run business, growing, protecting, and harvesting blueberries requires us, the crop stewards, to have advanced knowledge of agricultural elements.  We have done our best to nurture, feed and nourish the mature blueberry canes so that they produce an abundant crop.  Our goal is to minimize environmental impact while protecting crops from bugs and animals.  With our hands-on approach to farming, we have been able to cultivate the sweetest, most delectable blueberries, fresh from our farm to your table.

     With the help of several local hard-working families who carefully hand-pick the blueberries at the peak of ripeness, we are able to provide our customers with delicious, sweet fruit for snacking and baking.

     When you arrive at our farm, our hardworking staff of young salespersons, excited to be learning farming and business methods and principles, will assist you and provide you with unbeatable service in choosing the amount of blueberries or local produce to meet your needs.

     We have worked extra hard to make sure that the blueberry plants were given the proper care and nutrients so that you can enjoy the "fruits of our labor".

U-Pick Blueberries are done for the Season!!

Our fresh blueberry season is over. It's been a great 11 weeks. We were able to freeze a good many of our best blueberries before the hot weather got to them.  We should have enough frozen blueberries for the rest of the winter. Thank you for your business and your continued support of this farm. We appreciate you.

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Frozen Blueberries are available

 Updated 10/8/2018

​​Yes, fresh market season is over and now we now have tasty FROZEN  blueberries through next May.  We picked the biggest and the best of our no-spray blueberries and will have a selection from gallons to boxes.  Come by our farm and taste the difference.  We admit we are not certified organic, but...

....as always we are PESTICIDE - FREE


 Mon-Sun -- 8a - 7p  


Please bring cash and use envelopes and dropbox for payment.  If a debit or credit card needs to be used, please call 971-304-6755 for a time we can be here to run the card.

Prices and Payment Methods

Frozen Blueberries:

$13 ..... 5lb bag

$25 ..... 2 - 5lb bags

$35 ..... 3 - 5lb bags

$65 ..... 30# box

$120 ... 2 - 30lb boxes

$175 ... 3 - 30lb boxes

(please pre-order boxes by calling 971-304-6755)

Options for Boxes or Bulk Orders:
Call 971-304-6755 to order and schedule pickup 

The Blueberry Season

​     Our blueberry season typically runs early to mid June through mid to late August.  We are usually the farm with the earliest and the latest blueberries.  The varieties include Earliblue, Dukes, Bluecrop, Darrows and Elliotts.  Now we have Berkleys and Bluerays from our Culver Farm.  Earliblue berries are ripening early to mid June, followed by Blues and Dukes.  The Darrows are the sweetest and tastiest of the berries and are ripe for a couple weeks mid July through early August, followed by the Elliotts which ripen late July through August.

        U-Picks are allowed after the first picking, or around late July, early July and will go through the end of the season.

      If it's inconvenient for you to come to our farm, look for our booth at the Salem Saturday Market and the Wednesday Market mid-June through mid-August.

Natural-method farming

We are 100% pesticide free!!  Better for you and your family's health.  We water consistently, to offer you the biggest, juiciest berries you have ever tasted.



Now Offering Frozen Blueberries

    During the winter, we will have 5#, 10# bags or 30# boxes of frozen blueberries ready for your freezer.  These will be the cream of this years crop.  To order, please call  971-304-6755. (see above)

Commercial Clients

     We offer wholesale pricing for commercial farm stands, restaurants and grocery markets.  Please call to order and inquire about the delivery schedule.

Fresh Produce Farmers Co-op

     Lee and Ginger, Sunnyview Blueberry Farm’s owners are determined to provide local farmers an additional outlet for their fresh produce for those potential customers in the Willamette Valley and along the I-5 corridor.  If you would like us to sell and/or market your produce on-site, contact us at 971-304-6755 to discuss the details. 


     If you and/or several of your workmates or friends would like to pre-order blueberries, order forms are available by email at sunnyviewblueberries@yahoo.com or call 971-304-6755. Berries will be packaged in gallon sized ziplock bags (5lbs ea) for easy storage in the fridge or freezer. Delivery may be available on orders over 50 lbs within the Salem Urban Growth Boundary. Pre-payment arrangements must be made in advance. MasterCard/Visa payments are available through Square.

Large Orders and Curbside Service

     In a hurry?  If you would like us to prepare and package your blueberry order of 25 lbs or more and deliver your blueberries right to your vehicle, just call at least 1 hour ahead, and we will have your blueberry order ready for you when you arrive at our farm.


     For blueberry orders of 50 lbs or more, we would be happy to deliver to your home, office or place of business within the cities of Salem or Keizer. Pre-payment arrangement must be made in advance. MasterCard/Visa credit cards accepted and processed through Square.


       From farm to freezer, we took the first picking from each variety of blueberries and froze them so that we could offer the biggest and best tasting blueberries this winter. From 5lbs, 10lbs all the way to 40lb boxes, we offer a variety of sizes to fit your needs. 

We do not have regular set hours in the winter and spring, so call 971-304-6755 for information.  We are now self serve until our fresh season starts. We have an outside freezer on the honor system, so that you can pickup frozen blueberries at your convenience. Envelopes are provided and a secure drop box has been installed on the side of the shop so that your cash and personal information on your checks are safe.