Sunnyview Blueberry Farm

5233 Sunnyview Rd NE, Salem


About Sunnyview Blueberry Farm

Providing fresh picked blueberries and locally grown produce to Marion and Polk Counties.

The Blueberry Cafe

The end of an era

     The original owners of the Blueberry Cafe, the Iverson family, sold fresh blueberries at a roadside stand.  This was so successful that they expanded to selling blueberry muffins and pies.  Eventually the fruit stand evolved into the popular and iconic BLUEBERRY CAFE, selling such things as blueberry pancakes, Norwegian potato lefse and coffee.  The cafe was a boon for local farmers, consuming three tons of blueberries as well as many other farm products each year.

     In January 2000, after three years of operation, Marion County Planning officials ordered that it be shut down because the share of locally-grown products had fallen below the required 75%.  The owners reluctantly converted it back to a fruit stand, moving the Blueberry Cafe to Market Street, where it eventually closed for good.

The Dream

     Sunnyview Blueberry Farm is the dream of Lee and Ginger Haber.  Several years ago, the couple began a search for a property with a shop with acreage large enough to start a woodworking business.  They were tired of the busy Salem bustle, with its loud city noises, speeding cars and dense population, but they needed a property close enough to town to be convenient.

  They searched and viewed many properties that met their criteria, settling and moving into a property, unbeknownst to them, that was formerly known as the Blueberry Cafe.

     Ginger, a former restaurant owner and loan broker, tired of the day-to-day, 8-5 grind, was brainstorming about different career options when the opportunity to purchase this unique property was offered by the owner.  During her youth, she was raised on a grain and cattle farm in Pedee, so she was not new to farming. maybe a bit rusty.

     Lee, a city boy, born in California and settled in Boise, Idaho as a young man where he raised his family.  After 25 years, he relocated to Salem, Oregon for work in the construction trade.  

     After living on the property for three years watching the blueberry production, they decided to make an offer to the owner to buy this unique property.

     With the help of friends and family, they have trimmed, mowed, weeded, fertilized and transformed the blueberry bushes to healthy, high producing plants and the blueberry field to it's former glory. Continued work and nurturing is needed to make Sunnyview Blueberry Farm a thriving and successful family-run business.